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Interior of movie reign over me 3 The Stylish and Comfy Interiors from Movie “Reign over Me”

The atmosphere, which makes you submerge yourself in a movie, live the life of the hero and fell with him. “Reign over me” is one of the best films with Adam Sandler. In this movie Adam, who is loved by audiences for his comedy roles, plays a man suffers from his family dead. But his old friend, rather successful dentist, helped him to live on and not to divest himself of reason. These two men were really needed to each other, because true friendship can help to overwhelm anything. Watching “Reign over me” you feel sadness, but… with a smile. If you like this amazing feeling, you can make the interiors of your home the same that they are into movie.

Interior of movie reign over me 2 The Stylish and Comfy Interiors from Movie “Reign over Me”

The bathroom is rather unpredicted. We can see the modified workshop with strange sinks, which is not built into it. The workshop is decorated with mosaic and veneer. The material of the sinks looks like a natural stone.

Interior of movie reign over me 11 The Stylish and Comfy Interiors from Movie “Reign over Me”

At times in the film you can see the apartment of Alan, the dentist. This living room, combined with the kitchen is made in old-fashioned English style. But in spite of it only simple forms is used in the interior, without arrogance. The compositional center of the living room is a fireplace, not a TV-set. The color scheme contains of bright and warm shades. Dark brown is used in décor only. The interior of the psychologist`s office helps people to relax and focus. This effect is due to the wood, particularly dark old wood. There are really a lot of wood here: wooden shelves, door, and wall panels. This material is just crucial if you want to do delightful old-style study.

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