cherryl On January - 4 - 2011

nice and unique omelate pans 1 Unique Omlette Pans

Unique shape new shape of a small frying pan of love, the color of the surface with a high non-stick coating, so you make the most caring for the whole family, and the most unique free breakfast, enjoy the family feeling when you meet the joy of love! As the loved one dinner meal loves it! Eggs are not the favorite food for kids that is why you will find these funny pans very useful. They are shaped as hearts and guns and you can choose the right one if you have a boy or a girl. I am sure your girl will be absolutely delighted to eat a heart-shaped omlette and your boy a gun-shaped one. These little pans are specially made for only one egg and they are made of iron that has non sticky coating on the outside. This way the egg will not stick to the pan and will also have a funny shape.

nice and unique omelate pans 2 e1294150093698 Unique Omlette Pans

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