cherryl On February - 22 - 2011

strange and creative pillows sofa 1 Unusual Pillow Sofa

Perhaps the comfort is not the key word in this case but if you think of it as a pretty part then you will notice one more quality which it can have. It looks like a giant, unusual flower. It will grow to be one of the striking points of your space and maybe your guests will be probing enough to try its comfort. It is ideal for a fancy bedroom and the fact that it is made of a huge number of pillows you can think easily of a nice rest on a calm afternoon. The plan of pillow makes you think of a warm and quiet feeling but it will challenge with its odd shape that keeps your sight awake.

strange and creative pillows sofa 2 Unusual Pillow Sofa

strange and creative pillows sofa 3 Unusual Pillow Sofa

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  1. nk says:

    Hi, i would like to know where could i buy this pillow from ?
    thank you ..

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