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beautiful table chair by thomas feichtner 2 Unusual Table Chair by Thomas Feichtner

Thomas Feichtner has designed a Table Chair that acts as a comfortable leather chair or a simple coffee table.Thomas Feichtner was born in Brazil in 1970. After attending school in Düsseldorf, Germany, he earned a degree at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria. Feichtner initially designed industrial goods and numerous products for the Austrian sports industry, and was honored with international design awards like the IF Design Award. As the name indicates, the Table Chair is a hybrid entity, a multi-use piece of furniture. It will probably be used as a side table most of the time, but if a seat is needed, it turns into an extra chair.. Thomas Feichtner had a Black Box in mind when he designed this piece of furniture. It is a body which reveals nothing whatsoever about its inside or its function. If you open the black structural shell, you will be surprised by the bright white leather. In contrast to the plain closed rectangular solid the chair is composed of individual crystalline surfaces. The seating surface and the back are mirror-inverted. When you are seated, they provide a comfortable support for the buttocks and the back; when you fold the chair, they fit into each other in a space saving manner. As a safety precaution, a mechanic safety lock prevents unexpected collapsing.

beautiful table chair by thomas feichtner 1 Unusual Table Chair by Thomas Feichtner

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