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amazing modern family room miami 2  Versatile Acrylic Tables

Beautiful living room electic design 1  Versatile Acrylic Tables

Acrylic tables are the perfect piece of furniture if you want your living room to feel airy and spacious. That’s because this material comes in a variety of colors but, most importantly, the tables can also be transparent, the most common choice. It’s one of their most important qualities. Because of that, they are extremely versatile and they even give the illusion of a larger space.We’re only going to focus on transparent acrylic tables and we’ve selected a few examples that can show you how they can be integrated in almost any type of décor.An acrylic coffee table can be a wonderful addition to the living room. Its transparency allows you to basically match with anything and it also allows the rug underneath the table to be admired as well. The space occupies by the coffee table is open and this makes the entire room seem more airy.Acrylic furniture is usually very simple and lacks any sort of decorative details. This makes them wonderful minimalist pieces to be used in contemporary interiors. For example, an acrylic coffee table would look beautiful in an open floor plan. If placed next to the window, the light will pass right through it and the impact will be even stronger.Acrylic furniture, despite its lack of striking features, still has a very strong impact. Its simplicity is a key element and then there’s also the elegance and the stylish and chic look that any acrylic coffee table has regardless of the dimensions or design.

modern living room 3  Versatile Acrylic Tables

modern rug 4  Versatile Acrylic Tables

family room design 5  Versatile Acrylic Tables

long narrow living room 6  Versatile Acrylic Tables

bright orange living7  Versatile Acrylic Tables

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