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wood white attic 11 Wooden Attic Ceilings

The bare ceiling beams are well-known for the fact that they add heat to any décor. They also have a rustic look but they’re also versatile and can be made a part of almost any style. But if you take it one step further and have a wooden ceiling then the décor becomes exponentially more inviting, cozy and warm. If you also have that in the attic every one of these advantages increases. And in case you’re curious how such a décor might look like, we have prepared a few beautiful examples.This is an attic space that was turned into a cozy but simple and very airy family room. It’s also a space that can be used as a playroom. It features a comfy long upholstered bench placed along the window and a long cabinet with shelves, drawers and storage compartments on the opposite wall. The décor is mostly while with dark hardwood floors for contrast.

wood mountain attic design 2 Wooden Attic Ceilings

Here the attic has been turned into a cozy bedroom. Not only that the ceiling hasn’t been painted and has a natural lacquer finish but the rest of the space also features the same characteristics. The bed is also made of wood and the same goes for the rest of the furniture. It’s like the whole attic space is infused with wood.

attic wood ceiling 3 Wooden Attic Ceilings

The attic is also a great space for a home office. It’s separated from the rest of the house and sits on its own level so it’s also a space where you can concentrate without being distracted. A wooden ceiling with large exposed beams would make the atmosphere cozy and inviting but, at the same time, the rest of the décor would be functional.

wood attic design 4 Wooden Attic Ceilings

This is the attic of a beach house and it has been turned into a bedroom. In terms of furniture and décor, the attic is quite austere. It only has a bed. Also, the color of the ceiling and the floor is a pale and bright tone of turquoise. The bed features while bedding and delicate textures.

turquoise attic design 5 Wooden Attic Ceilings

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