karen On August - 7 - 2010

wooden stick bench stool 21 e1281208757681 Wooden sticks bench & Stools by WIS Design

WIS Design is an interior design firm that also does some playful product design. The inspiration of the designer for the benches is from the childhood games of croquet. The bench and stools are made of wooden sticks; the wooden sticks are combined with the metal connectors to form the bench and stools. These connectors are painted in the shades of green and pink. These connectors have given the benches a very cute look. If you look at the connections they will look a bit like mallets used to play croquet. Children will love this furniture as the designer has specially designed this furniture for the children. There are very few designers who have designed the furniture for the children. And the WIS design has done a great job in creating children furniture.

wooden stick bench stool 1 e1281208817564 Wooden sticks bench & Stools by WIS Design

wooden stick bench stool 3 e1281208854919 Wooden sticks bench & Stools by WIS Design

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